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As a result of his continuous desire and commitment  to further spread knowledge in the field of science  and technology, Solomon wrote and published ግርምተ ሳይቴክ “The Wonder of SciTech,” one-of-its-kind Amharic  science and tech book. The 400 pages book is one-of-its-kind Amharic publication telling the journey of  human civilization through yesterday, today, and tomorrow. It has a dedicated fourth section that discusses the  implication innovation in developing economies and a  prescriptive recommendation to Ethiopia and Africa as  a whole. The section also stress how we cannot afford to  miss the 4th industrial revolution. The book was reviewed  and endorsed by PM Abiy Ahmed.

“This book reminds its readers about  the consequences of lagging behind on scientific and technological advances at this  juncture of human civilization. The book also  highlights broad and complex topics in such  a simple and understandable way as it takes  you on the journey of civilization through  yesterday, today and tomorrow. It is a historic  book that is a must read!”


- Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed


ግርምተ ሳይቴክ


The 1st of its kind science and tech book

in Amharic

400 Pages

4 Sections

21 Chapters

Edited and endorsed by PM Abiy Ahmed

30,000+ copies sold so far

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