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Solomon founded 1888EC with a mission to cultivate an ecosystem that will increase access and  use of technology, while promoting job creation led by startups, entrepreneurs, and collaborative  efforts with global partners. Our unique and innovative tech startup studio will be one-of-a-kind in  Ethiopia.


As the current landscape in Ethiopia is comprised of a young and growing population, increasing  mobile and internet penetration and the government’s ambition towards the ICT sector creates  an ideal environment, 1888EC aspires to be the part of the driving force to propel Ethiopia’s growth  through digital economy by cultivating and enabling digital entrepreneurship and innovation.

The brand name, 1888EC, refers to the date of the victorious Battle of Adwa on the Ethiopian Cal-  endar (or EC). In addition to representing a pivotal and revolutionary part of Ethiopian history, the  letters “EC” also stand for ‘Entrepreneurship Center’. With dual representations of our past victory  as well as our fundamental work in building Ethiopia’s future entrepreneurs, our company’s creation  originates from the idea of symbolizing the victory we want to reimagine.


Our motto, “Victory Reimagined!” embodies the essence of our distinctive organization as a tech start-up studio committed to supporting and empowering entrepreneurial young people and improving the lives of many through the  development of technological-based solutions to everyday problems. With  our studio’s resources and access to our co-working space, people will have  access to developing strong social networks and seek professional advice on  their projects as well.


1888EC intends to create disruptive innovators and change-makers in Ethiopia. Our vision is to be the premier Ethiopian startup studio that will champion  Ethiopia’s digital transformation and job growth, particularly for the nation’s  young women and men.


Solomon, the founder of 1888EC understands that with all the limited activities in the tech sector and just few success stories, Digital entrepreneurship in Ethiopia is currently considered to be in its nascent stage. Solomon  wants 1888EC to be among the leaders to take the current state into the  next phase by playing a direct and indirect role of facilitating a creation of  seed financing for tech startups, innovation ventures, and a proliferation of  tech hubs. Solomon’s goal is to ultimately be a part of bringing digital entrepreneurship to the ideal state of an advance stage where the tech startup  ecosystem will be supported and fully integrated with venture capital, BPO  centers, exits/IPOs, and a mature national digital industry.

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